10th Nov 2012

     Philadelphia based blues rockers, Community Sound, rocked the World Cafe Live this past Sunday.  Their energetic set included four original songs written by lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel Hartig and drummer Jake Sommers.  Community Sound opened with their song ‘Struggling Man‘ followed by another original, ‘Airwaves’.  They performed two other catchy originals, ‘Hungover‘ and ‘So Long Manhattan‘.  By the end of the night ‘So Long Manhattan‘ was etched into my brain due to the pairing of a catchy chorus along with ranging melodies.  Community Sound covered Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing‘ with Hartig performing a jaw-dropping guitar solo thatsounded as if Hendrix was in the room.  Guitarist Jesse Minikes broke out into captivating solos throughout the night and had incredible stage presence to accompany his performance.  The band ended their set with an impressive version of Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’ sung by drummer Sommers who multitasked drumming and singing.  ‘Everlong’ perfectly ended their set and had the crowd singing along to the familiar rock tune.  Community Sound is a band to keep an eye on, they have the desire, drive, and skill to be successful. 

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