23rd Jan 2013

Album Review: Moose Blood, Moving Home


     February 2013 English emo band, Moose Blood, will release their new EP Moving Home, though you can listen and download the EP off of their bandcamp.  Haven’t heard of Moose Blood?  It’s okay, I didn’t know of the band until two weeks ago.  I’m constantly searching for new music which led me to ‘Carbis Bay’ off of Moving Home.  Upon hearing the song, I was instantly hooked and by hooked I mean having the song on repeat for over thirty times.  I strongly advise you to stop what you’re doing immediately and give Moose Blood a listen.  

     Moving Home is one of the most beautiful emo albums I’ve ever listened to.  The poetically strong lyrics can be easily related to and visualized.  Moose Blood doesn’t sugar coat their lyrics, they get straight to the point.  This is evident in track 5, ‘Drive’, with punch to the gut lines like “And I guess I should let you know that I’m done and I don’t want to see your face again.”  Hope can be sensed in the upbeat music matched with emotionally charged and desperate vocals. While I sing along to the songs on Moving Home, I’m overcome with a desire to pound my chest with my fist as I scream the words with tears pouring out of my eyes.

     The two strongest songs off of Moving Home are track four ‘Carbis Bay’ and track six ‘Bukowski’.  ‘Carbis Bay’ is phenomenal and leaves me with chills every time.  ‘Carbis Bay’ makes you want to turn the volume up as loud as your speakers can possibly go and listen to it on repeat until you can feel it running through your veins.  I want to live the lyrics of the song; I want to “drink until we’re drunk”, I want to talk about “your favorite Dashboard song”, I want us to listen “to American Football, sing along to Never Meant.”  ‘Bukowski‘ is one of the catchiest songs off of the EP with romanticized lyrics “Then I guess maybe one day I’ll be yours forever” and “To keep warm, I’ll bring a sweater. You can have mine, it looks better and honestly, you can take it home.”  The song also has the perfect placement of name-droppings, using Jimmy Dean, Morrissey, and Clarity.  

     It is a relief to see bands making heartfelt music with meaningful lyrics.  Call it premature, but Moose Blood’s Moving Home is bound to be one of the best releases of 2013.  I’m addicted to the desperate vocals and romantic lyrics.  If it were possible to cuddle up to lyrics on a cold, winter night, I would hands down choose Moose Blood’s ‘Carbis Bay‘ but until then I’ll just turn the volume up louder on my headphones.       

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