25th Feb 2013

Balance and Composure Intimately Rock Union Transfer

     Doylestown natives Balance and Composure played a homecoming show Thursday night at Union Transfer with opening support provided by Daylight and The Jealous Sound.  Daylight started the night energizing the crowd with their body-swaying solos and knee-quivering drumming.

     Despite lead singer Jon Simmons announcing to the almost sold-out crowd that he was feeling under the weather, he and the band rocked Union Transfer hard.  Balance and Composure opened their set with ‘Quake’ off of their first full-length album Separation and ended the night with their relatable and brutally honest song ‘I Tore You Apart In My Head’, also off of Separation.  The band played older emotional anthems like ‘Show Your Face’, ‘Burden’, and ‘I Can’t Do This Alone’.  Balance and Composure also introduced one of their newest songs off of their split with Braid, ‘You Can’t Fix Me’.  Throughout the night it felt as if drummer Bailey Van Ellis was pounding directly on your heart, beating away your problems and amping up your body. Raw, emotional vocals and intense bass and drum lines pulsated the crowd and took control of their bodies.  The strong emotions the members of Balance and Composure evoke at their concerts have a way of controlling the crowd and have everyone screaming and head banging in perfect unison.  The crowd screamed out in harmony with Simmons as he sang the band’s heart wrenchingly beautiful lyrics.  If you’ve never seen Balance and Composure live, it’s something you must add to your to do list.  It’s the kind of concert that makes you feel alive and comforts you knowing you aren’t alone because you have their music running through your veins and that’s all you need to feel okay.  

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